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Somali shop-swap

South African business Somali shop-swap WHEN he is not studying, Mohlomi Tauhadi works in his uncle’s spaza (an informal store) in Mapetla, a suburb of Soweto, the vast urban sprawl west of Johannesburg. The store is a small... 

The real fight is behind closed doors

  A new offensive in Somalia The real fight is behind closed doors NARRATIVES about countries, especially under-reported ones, can be hard to shift. For the last two years Somalia’s narrative... 

Qadarta Ilaahay iyo Qorshaynta Nolosha

Waqti kasta waxaa suuqa haysta erayo gaar ah oo ka tarjumaya muuqalka nolosha ee markaas muuqda. Labaatankii sano ee bur-burka lagu jiray, erayada aadka loo adeegsaday waxaa ka mid ah “ Qadarta Ilaahay.”... 

Somalia’s civil war Pushing it across the borders

The most recent efforts to squash the insurgency at home may push it abroad THIS year was meant to be Somalia’s best for quite a while. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud tapped a new prime minister, Abdiweli... 


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