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Somali Think Tank is a social liberal think tank, it was founded  in  2012, it is an independent, non governmental, educational and research entity.

Our  mission is to do research on social policy and to stimulate public discussion for promoting peace, democracy and good governance in Somalia,

Our Vision is seeking solutions to the challenges facing Somalia (such as) in the areas of political, social and economical, in accordance with our  values of responsible government, rule of law,  and individual freedom and we do  this by:

  • .Translating and publishing original  text on Democracy, Liberty, and Human rights   into Somali language through our website.
  • . Organizing and Conducting Seminars, workshops and conferences to train and educate Students, journalists , particularly and Somali people at large.
  • Collaborating with any organization national and international that  believes and works on promoting Democracy,  human rights and freedom at large.

Our Philosophy:  A free Somali mind is the ultimate solution to Somalia.

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