Crime in Somalia: Pirates v economists

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SHIPS navigating the lawless seas of the Gulf of Aden must keep a constant lookout for Somali pirates. The roots of Somalia’s maritime banditry lie in its desperately poor coastal villages, where the choice between fishing and piracy is an easy one for many. But whereas plenty of attention has been given to pirates’ own economic motives, less has been paid to the question of why influential local clans put up with... 

Bank decisions will cut Somali-American support to relatives

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By Matt Sepic, Minnesota Public Radio News Minneapolis – Every month, 28-year-old Goth Ali manages to scrape together $400 to $500 to send to his siblings in east Africa. As soon as Ali is paid by the cell phone shop the works for in the Village Market, he uses a service known as a hawala to wire the cash to his family. Ali, who came to the United States at 16, said his older brother in Somalia struggles to... 

Somali shop-swap

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South African business Somali shop-swap WHEN he is not studying, Mohlomi Tauhadi works in his uncle’s spaza (an informal store) in Mapetla, a suburb of Soweto, the vast urban sprawl west of Johannesburg. The store is a small kiosk in front of a single-storey house. It stocks mostly staples and treats: rice, maize-meal, sugar, eggs, biscuits and cakes. There are perhaps 90,000 such outlets across South Africa. On a... 

Think of Somalia when making business policy

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By: Curtis S. Chin With Japan ranked as only the 27th-easiest place to do business in the world, Tokyo still has a ways to go on critical reforms. Yet, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe already having brought new hope to the nation — as well as, critics might note, perhaps renewed tensions in the region — the third- largest economy in the world still has many a lesson to share with the likes of Yangon and Mogadishu. After... 

Somalia president fights back on ‘weak leadership’ claim from US

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By Katrina Manson in Addis Ababa When former academic Hassan Sheikh Mohamud became president of Somalia in late 2012, his election was hailed as a sign of progress in a country destroyed by years of war and terrorism. The administration of the one-time university dean was the first in Somalia to be recognised internationally for more than two decades and soon elicited aid commitments worth more than $2bn. But the early... 

Challenging perceptions about Somalia

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BY JACO MARITZ The general perception of Somalia is often that of a ‘failed’ state – a country where lawlessness reigns and where its citizens go hungry with little hope. A new book by long-time BBC correspondent Mary Harper, titled ‘Getting Somalia Wrong? Faith, War and Hope in a Shattered State’, however, challenges this view. Harper writes that althoughSomalia’s troubles cannot be ignored, there have... 

The Saga of Somali Piracy

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A danger foreseen is half avoided. -Thomas Fuller-Gnomologia It was reported in the media that a Sri Lankan delegation was expected to travel to Somalia to negotiate the release of six Sri Lankan fishermen abducted by Somali pirates. Somali Pirates Picture Courtesy: The Somali pirates, who have demanded the meeting with the Sri Lankan Authorities, abducted the fishermen four months ago when they... 

Stabilizing Somalia – the development moment

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BY AURELIEN KRUSE The gathering of world leaders in London last week to consider the fate of Somalia may be heralding a new development moment for the war-torn country. But we are in unchartered waters: we know very little about Somalia’s economy.   First, from a development viewpoint, there is no such thing as one Somalia. Ironically, the unrecognized Somaliland entity [see the Somaliland success story in “Yes... 

How do you solve a problem like Somalia?

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FEBRUARY 23rd has been the biggest day in Somalia’s recent history. There is an expectation that today’s London conference on Somalia, organised by the British government and backed by almost all interested parties, will give the benighted country a chance to move forward. That does not mean that it will necessarily pull together. Asour story in this week’s paper makes clear, the plan is to give... 

Somalia: Far from a failed state?

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Somalia: Far from a failed state? With leaders from more than 50 countries and international organisations due to gather this week for the London Conference on Somalia, BBC Africa analyst and Somalia specialist Mary Harper argues that Somalia’s business leaders offer reasons to hope for the war-torn country’s future.   UK Prime Minister David Cameron has managed to convince some of the world’s... 


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