Dhiraandhirin: Dhoofka iyo Dhaqanka Soomaalida!

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Geediga iyo socodka aan joogsiga lahayn wuxuu qayb weyn ka ahaa nolosha Soomaalidii hore. Wuxuu ahaa geedi socod looga fursan waayay noloshii qallafsanayd ee xoola dhaqatanimada. In la guur guuro oo hadba barin cusub iyo deegaan hor leh xoolaha loo foofsado ayaa iska ahayd dhaqan maalmeed ku lammaansan nolosha caadiga ee qoyska Soomaaliyeed. Socod dheer iyo mid gaabanba wuu lahaa geedigaas, waxayna ku xirnaynd hadba aagga... 

Why the State of Somali Mothers’ Health is the Worst in the World?

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“It is Time the Policymakers Realize that Maternal and Child Health Care is the Most Precious Right of Citizens, a Moral Obligation of the State and the Best Buy for Development” 1.       The World has Been Moving for Change: the Millennium Development Goals Momentum The 1991 civil war in Somalia has led to a state collapse and persisting civil conflicts, a period constituting the darkest pages in the history... 

By robbing the rich, Somali pirates have helped the poor

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If I were a Somali I would thank Allah for the pirates. For more than 20 years the world has stood by while successive civil wars destroyed Somalia, killing hundreds of thousands of people by bullets, disease and starvation and reducing what was once a prosperous land to a war zone. But the seizure of more than 200 ships by kids with guns in small craft has changed all that.Britain, for which shipping and trade around... 

Using economic levers to hurt Al-Shabaab

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by Avi Jorisch In recent weeks, the United Nations has sponsored meetings in Mogadishuto help Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) improve security, promote reconciliation and draw up a new constitution for the war-ravaged country. One of the biggest obstacles to ensuring peace in Somalia, however, is Al-Shabaab, a terrorist organization, which controls large swaths of the country and siphons off aid... 

Lion cubs in Somalia part of large smuggling operation

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Mogadishu- Wildlife smuggling in Somalia has turned into a lucrative business since the state’s fall, with demand for young lion cubs placing a value on them as high as $1,000 apiece, and the pressure is decimating the region’s endemic species.   “Smuggling animals has been a problem since the fall of the Somali state,” said Dr. Osman Gedow Amir, chairman of the Somail Organic Agriculture Development Organization,... 

Tackling the evil of famine in the Horn of Africa

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By Kingsley Ighobor Images of starving Somalis have shaken the conscience of the world: stomachs flattened by hunger, sagging flesh and noses dripping in mucus, fed on by opportunistic toilet flies. And death is lurking. This is the picture of many of the living in Somalia, who look to humanity for help. Jerry Rawlings, former Ghanaian president, wept inconsolably on Channel 4, a British television channel, as he recounted... 

A Tale of Sanitation: What Somalia Teaches Us

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By: Jan Eliasson Former foreign minister of Sweden The confirmation of cholera deaths in Somalia offers a chilling reminder of what happens when there is no safe water and inadequate sanitation. The refugee crisis in Somalia is fueled by the worst drought in the horn of Africa in over 60 years. This humanitarian disaster is a glaring example of the international community’s failure to uphold basic needs and rights... 

Can we blame the Horn of Africa drought on lack of rain?

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By: TAPIWA GOMO Somalia is faced with what has been described as the worst drought in 60 years. Reports suggest that thousand of lives have already been lost and millions more will die unless the begging bowls are filled up with cash. Indeed the pictures coming out of the Horn of Africa are quite harrowing and money is really needed to avert a human catastrophe. Assessment reports from the Horn of Africa suggest that... 

UN: 750,000 Somalis Could Soon Die of Famine

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by Kristina C. The famine that has hit Somalia hard since this past July has spread to a sixth part of the country. On Monday, United Nations officials said that 750,000 people could die unless aid efforts are greatly stepped up. Years of droughts, war and restrictions on aid groups are taking a lethal toll on the country, with nearly four million people — more than half the population of Somalia — in “crisis,”... 

Famine Soon to Worsen in Somalia, Report Predicts

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By Charlene Porter A new analysis of food security in the Horn of Africa reports that the level of acute malnutrition for people in some areas of Somalia exceeds 50 percent. Food insecurity will worsen to become famine in most areas of southern Somalia within four to six weeks, according to an August 24, 2011 report from the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET). With backing from the U.S. Agency for International... 


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