Saadaashii Faylasuuf Suuleey!

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Waqti dhexdaas ah waxaan aqristayaasha la wadaagey casharo falsafadaysan oo aan ka bowsaday oday Falasafadda ku falnaa oo  yaraantaydii qaab kadis ah aan ula kulmay. Duruustii uu bixin jiray  Faylasuuf Suuley waxay u badnaayeen doodo ku aaddan: nolosha, dhimashada, nacasnimda,  qabyaaladda, cirweynida, qarannimada, diinta , suugaanta, qayilaadda iyo waliba qaababka ugu fiican ee duqeyda ula heeshiin karaan gabdhaha... 

Why the State of Somali Mothers’ Health is the Worst in the World?

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“It is Time the Policymakers Realize that Maternal and Child Health Care is the Most Precious Right of Citizens, a Moral Obligation of the State and the Best Buy for Development” 1.       The World has Been Moving for Change: the Millennium Development Goals Momentum The 1991 civil war in Somalia has led to a state collapse and persisting civil conflicts, a period constituting the darkest pages in the history... 

Somalia’s other pirates – the telecom companies

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By:Steve Liddle After the recent change of leader in the year-long Somali Federal government (SFG) there is again concern about the way forward, as powerful financial factions are still operating within the country. Given the relative success of this administration, formed with the help of the UN and international community following the failure of previous Transitional Federal Governments (TFGs), it is timely to examine... 

Do Muslims Really Care About Somalia?

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BY AKBAR AHMED , FRANKIE MARTIN A young, rail-thin, and gaunt Somali woman, cradling her starving child in her arms, looks straight into the camera. Her eyes are dead; she has seen too much suffering. “Where are the Muslim countries?” she asks. “We are dying.” The image is haunting, and her words keep coming back, though they were broadcast on the BBC a few weeks ago now. Her plea is real. The... 

Does Turkey accept refugees from Somalia now?

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Not that I know of. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was in New York yesterday, speaking to the U.N. General Assembly. He described the poverty he saw in Somalia and said he considered the situation there a disgrace to the international community. Somalia is definitely in a horrific state. But Turkey does not accept permanent asylum seekers from Somalia, nor, for that matter, from Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.... 

Tackling the evil of famine in the Horn of Africa

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By Kingsley Ighobor Images of starving Somalis have shaken the conscience of the world: stomachs flattened by hunger, sagging flesh and noses dripping in mucus, fed on by opportunistic toilet flies. And death is lurking. This is the picture of many of the living in Somalia, who look to humanity for help. Jerry Rawlings, former Ghanaian president, wept inconsolably on Channel 4, a British television channel, as he recounted... 

Somalia was a sideshow in the war on terror – and is paying a colossal price

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By:  Madeleine Bunting Internally displaced women carry jerry-cans of water on their backs from a well in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, September 2011. Photograph: Ismail Taxta/REUTERS In the past three months, 150,000 people have arrived in the Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya. About 80% of them are women and children and many have walked 100km to reach the sprawling, crowded camp of 440,000 that now... 

UN: 750,000 Somalis Could Soon Die of Famine

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by Kristina C. The famine that has hit Somalia hard since this past July has spread to a sixth part of the country. On Monday, United Nations officials said that 750,000 people could die unless aid efforts are greatly stepped up. Years of droughts, war and restrictions on aid groups are taking a lethal toll on the country, with nearly four million people — more than half the population of Somalia — in “crisis,”... 

Let Somalis Manage Aid for Development, Doctor Says

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Dr. Hawa Abdi is a woman of many firsts, including being Somalia’s first female gynecologist and establishing one of the country’s first NGOs. Along with her daughters, Deqa and Amina Mohamed, both of whom are doctors, Abdi maintains a hospital and a feeding center in a place where international aid agencies are unable or unwilling to operate due to the presence of armed militias. The Hawa Abdi Foundation,... 

Somalia: Stop Unfair Trials, Executions

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Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) should ensure that its military court respects basic fair trial standards, and should immediately halt executions, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today. The TFG should also prohibit trials of civilians in the military court, the organizations said. The transitional government’s international partners should firmly object to these serious human rights... 


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