Why fight for Jerusalem?

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imax_jerusalem_cityBy Abdi Rahman M. Jibril.

If only they had stood fast by the Law, revelation that was sent to them from their Lord, they would have enjoyed happiness from every side, there is from among them a party on right course, but many on them follow a course that is evil.” Koran verse 69, Al-Ma’idah.

In the Middle East conflict we are harvesting what we had been planted for long time. The fruits of hatred and the hostility is what we have seen in our practical lives like fear, poverty and the blood shed on daily basis. That is the fruits of our vibrational negative energy to the universal source. If we try a different better way to approach such crisis, which is love, trust and mutual understanding we would achieve the God’s mercy in every aspect of our life. We were using our ego centered power to overcome one against another and we never tried to use our God given spirit power that create everything in this world and can solve easily this very problem.

Why we did not try even one time this divine directive from our Lord in the Koran:

“Nor can Goodness and Evil be equal. Repel Evil with what is better: Then will he between whom And thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate” Koran, Surah fussilat, verse 34. 

Easily applying that Godly principle can solve the persisted Jerusalem and Holy land problem between Muslims and Jewish. The challenge is, that principle is not the favor for human ego. It is pure divine spiritual principle which only view ego-free people can reach. Look how it is easy, simple and at the same time sure to solve our problems and see how it is difficult for us to do it because the demand of our ego and self-prisoned dogma.

Since the remembered human history, there was a chronic conflict in that tiny Holy part of the planet in the name of religion and God. It is the most unfortunate event in the modern human history, especially after the world war two and the establishment of Israel government.

The two parts involving that conflict were living together in a different names, cultures and situations for long time and there is no clear way out in the current hostility rather than the recognition one another of the two parts. We have to know that the mutual denial and ignoring by the two parts of the conflict cannot help anyone of us in the future. Soon or later we must get a workable solution and live together peacefully.

As human beings, we are losing a lot in that persisting religious and political conflict between Palestine and Israel, (Jewish and Muslims) not only lives and properties but dignity and morality. The last international initiative for Oslo agreement looks doesn’t work and other political activities for regional and western governments doesn’t arrive at its fruits. All Western relations with Israel and their financial, military and political support could not convince Israel the two government solutions. Why?

The main pretext for conflicted parts is a religious and moral excuse. That needs first to convince them religious and logical ways before the political suggestions. In the last 70 years, all international approach for this conflict was only political and diplomatic relationship. Let’s try to get answers for their religious and moral excuses now.  There is two main excuse for both sides not to change their stands in that situation and embrace for peaceful coexistence. Let’s discuss those two main reasons, which denied the peaceful coexistence for both sides:

  1. Ownership of the land

There is a time in the history, there was only Jewish religion (Torah) and Islam wasn’t existing.

There is a time in the history Muslims were ruling that land and there was no recognizable political power for Jewish.

Now, there is a political power for Jewish and Israel on the ground and no recognized government for Palestinians.

In all those political and religious changes in the history both Israel and Palestinians were there together side by side and welcoming the natural law of changes willy-nilly.

The natural laws govern this world including us, shows the developments and changes that comes in the planet and all creatures including human beings. There is an art of living this planet at the moment and accepting the changes that happened in this life peacefully and without hostility. There was demographic and political changes happened all the time in this world east and the west. That is noticeable and no doubt or argument for it.

That unfortunate mutual denial for both sides and ignoring the natural law of changes are the causes of our long severing and bloodshed on daily bases in the Holy land of Jerusalem.

According to that argument there is no good reason for both sides claiming the ownership of the land and denying the law of natural changes in everything in this planet. The practical wisdom in this case is to ask ourselves how we can live this piece of land peacefully and without trouble.

  1. Religious and spiritual excuses

According the Jewish believers there is ‘Holy Mountain’ inside the ‘Aqsa Mosque’ so they have a right to be there and worship God according their religious believe system.  The Al-aqsa Mosque is the third Holy Mosque for Muslims. The main reason for both parts fighting for that place is because for God and spiritual relationship between themselves and their God.

The question, which I bet no one bother to ask him/herself is: Is the worship of God at that particular place be at the expenses of human lives and spreading hatred and hostility? Is that what we need as Jewish, Muslims, Christians to worship God and seek for His blessings? Being a place in this planet a Holy place, must be looking accordingly and gives light and blessings, not to be a cause of death and human suffering. If we really like the Holy land we must abstain the violence activities in it and just pray to God but not to pour innocent blood.

As recorded from many great people in human history, all religions, wise men philosophers, spiritual masters and even scientific societies agreed, that we are an energy beings making vibrational energy in forms of thinking and feeling to our creator. So, the question for all of us is, which kind of vibrational energy are we sending to the divine intelligence for at least sixty years of the middle east conflict and are we going to worship God in that Holy land? God worship is supposed to involve love, prayers and peaceful coexistence for all human beings. To give thanks and worship our God doesn’t deserve to kill innocent people and spread hatred and hostility in the name of Holy places. God isn’t interested in where we are while we are worshiping him instead He is looking at our hearts and intentions.

In Islam there is a Koran verse saying: “It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches God: It is your piety that reaches Him”That means it is not what so important is your physical activities and sacrificing animal meats in the Holy places, but what so important is your hearts piety.  In that sense, I have had a long time feeling that our mutual hostilities in the name of God and Holy places doesn’t serve in our well- being and religious quest. To continue the same attitude that we are behaving in the religious excuses is not worth.

We were applying our emotional negative energy for long time in this of Holy land issue and we did not gain any development, let’s use from now on our intellectual power and stop the long time human suffering in that persisting conflict. The Holy land must be respected by avoiding hatred and violence activities and we’ve ashamed ourselves by sending to our creator hostility vibrational energy and bloodshed on daily basis.

By Abdi Rahman M. Jibril

Source: http://www.sheikhjibril.com

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